Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tailored packages?

Of course!

Please take a look through our website at the services we offer and use these as a guide.

Reflections offers a boutique detailing service and is more than happy to tailor a package to suit your vehicle, your needs and your budget. When you are ready, please call the studio to arrange for an obligation free quote.

How soon can you detail my car?

If you would like to have your car detailed, please give us a call on 0455 777 600 to schedule an appointment.

We will try our best to work to your schedule.

When are you open?


Typical hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Occasionally the studio is closed during these hours, as we occasionally attent to clients off-site. Please call in advance if you wish to visit the studio, so we can give you our undivided attention.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most payment types including cash, major credit cards, direct debit and bank transfers. Sorry, no AMEX.

What happens to all of the water after washing a vehicle?

You can rest assured that when you book your car in to the studio, you are dealing with a “Trade Waste Compliant” business.

Before Ben started Reflections, he practiced as an Environmental Engineer and hence is passionate about looking after the environment wherever possible.

At Reflections, all of the water used from washing your vehicle is captured in a specially designed vehicle wash pad. The water is treated on site in a unique oil separator unit that removes dirt, debris, oil and grease from the waste water. Once these contaminants are separated, the water is sent into the sewer system and onto a council waste water treatment facility.

Do you use recycled water?
No. In order to give you the best possible product, all of the water used to wash your vehicle is clean and sourced from the local council mains supply.
Why protect my car’s paintwork?

 Let me first ask you a question – Assuming you own a mobile phone, what was one of the first things you did when you took your new phone out of the box?

Was your answer ‘Put it in a phone case and install a screen protector’?

Although your phone is perfectly fine to use straight out of the box, we protect them with screen protectors and cases so that we can prolong their life. If we scratch the screen, we simply replace the screen protector, not the whole phone. 

The same can be said for vehicles. The paint is perfectly fine from the factory, but it can be protected from incidental damage from poor washing and drying techniques, and from environmental contamination. Your vehicle is not only an expensive item, it is also your pride and joy, so it is important to protect it the best that you can. 

The paint protection process we provide at Reflections Detailing Studio not only protects your car’s paintwork, it also acts as a sacrificial layer while improving the level of gloss of the paintwork and making the car easier to clean.

Do you offer a warranty for CQuartz paint protection?
Yes we do! At Reflections, we offer two warranties with our paint protection packages.

  1. We offer our workmanship guarantee. Once your car leaves the studio, we are always a phone call away. We are all human, and humans do make mistakes from time to time. In the highly unlikely event that we missed something, or if your coating is not behaving as anticipated, we will be there to help.
  2. Our CQuartz coatings also come with their own written warranty. The warranty guarantees that the coating will behave as advertised for a set period of time.
How long do your coatings last?
There are two key factors that determine a coating’s performance.

  • Application – Proper application is essential in ensuring the coating has the best possible bond to the paintwork. As an approved applicator of CQuartz, we guarantee our work, and will always undergo a thorough preparation process.
  • Maintenance – Even if you have best application process, without proper maintenance, performance will be heavily hindered over time and your coating will not last. Because of this heavy reliance on maintenance, we don’t believe in a piece of paper. We don’t want to create a flawed guarantee designed to give you a false sense of security – which is only going to set you up for failure. We want to give you more than just a service, more than just a workmanship guarantee. We want to gear you up with the right education and products that will allow you to maintain your car properly, getting the most out of your coating.

So how long can the coatings last? The coating can last 2-10 years, provided proper maintenance is met.

Wouldn’t it be easier to get the dealership to apply my new car’s protection pack?

Yes you could…

However, being an easier option does not always mean it is a better option.

When buying any product, you must consider the following:

1. Ease of purchase – Certainly is an easy option.

 2. Price – At Reflections Detailing Studio, our prices for protection packages start at $880 for the exterior and $400 for the interior.

 3. Quality of product – There are dozens of paint protection brands on the market, some of which provide amazing results, others leave a lot to be desired. Ben has personally seen a variety of paint protection products on vehicles and can say hand on heart, that his chosen product “Cquartz Finest”, is one of the best on the market.

The best paint protection out there is only as good as the preparation and application. Every car that has paint protection applied at Reflections Detailing Studio is carefully washed, decontaminated, meticulously polished and then coated to ensure the best finish possible.

Do you remove scratches?

 Yes and no. It all depends on the scratch.

Light scratches and paint transfer (i.e. from bumping a yellow metal bollard) can usually be removed. 

A good way to test if a scratch can be removed is to use your finger nail. If you can feel a scratch with your finger nail, Reflections can not remove it.

What causes swirl marks on my car’s paintwork?

Swirl marks are actually millions of fine scratches on the surface of your car’s paint. These marks are created by rubbing small bits of dirt or contaminates in the paint. This usually occurs due to improper washing and drying techniques, as well as using inferior or incorrect products.

How do I prevent putting swirl marks on to my car’s paintwork?

The only guaranteed way of not scratching your car is to never touch it. Unfortunately we all want our cars to look amazing, so we have to utilise methods to reduce the likelihood of creating swirl marks.

Using a safe washing and drying method is the best way to reduce the chance of creating swirl marks on your pride and joy.

We highly recommend using the two-bucket method, with either a lamb’s wool or microfibre mitt, and a gentle pH neutral car wash shampoo. No sponges. 

Most people use a chamois to dry a car. Unfortunately, chamois have very little pile (i.e. not very soft), meaning it will scrape any remaining dirt particles across your paintwork. We recommend using a waffle weave drying towel, or a fluffy microfibre towel to dry your vehicle. These two types of towels capture dirt within the fibres and prevent it from scratching your car.

What is the “two-bucket” wash method?

 The two-bucket wash method is the process of washing a vehicle using two buckets, whereby the first bucket contains a pH neutral wash shampoo and water, and the second bucket is filled with clean water and often a grit guard. This process is used after first rinsing a vehicle to remove as much dirt as possible.

With a clean wash mitt, dunk your mitt in the first bucket (with shampoo) and start washing at the top of the car. Remember to always wash from the top of the car and work your way down, rinsing the car as necessary. We suggest working on one panel at a time, depending on how dirty the vehicle is.

If you need to get more shampoo, first rinse your mitt in the second bucket (clean water) to remove dirt collected whilst washing. Dunk again into the shampoo bucket, and repeat.

How do I clean my wheels?

It is best to wash your wheels before washing the body of the vehicle. This reduces the chance of water spotting on your clean paintwork if you were to wash your wheels after the rest of the car.

Use a dedicated wash mitt for your wheels. NEVER use any mitt for your wheels on your car!

We find a wheel specific spray on cleaner, such as Bowden’s Wheely Clean, is ideal. Spray the product on the wheel, agitate with a wheel wash mitt, and rinse off.

What should I do when bird or bat droppings on my car?
Wash off the droppings as soon as possible with a quality car shampoo and the two bucket method.

The longer the droppings stay on the car, the higher the chance of the paint getting etched by the chemicals in the droppings.

If damage has been done, don’t stress, please give Reflections Detailing Studio a call to see if the damage can be repaired, more often than not, it can be

Where can I buy your suggested products?

Products suitable for the maintenance of your vehicle are able to be purchased at our studio.

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